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Is social media really worth it for businesses?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Is social media really worth it for businesses? Yes! And that value doesn’t just come from social media marketing. Research suggests that there are a number of ways in which using social media can help a business make more money, including:

1. Fostering brand identity

2. Understanding customer preferences

3. Marketing

4. Networking

Fostering Brand Identity

Social media channels give businesses the opportunity to demonstrate who they are through their content and in the way they engage with people. Fostering your business’s identity and reputation can lead to increased brand awareness, a better brand reputation, and brand loyalty. In other words, more people will like and want to use your business, which = $$$.

How can you foster your brand identity on social media? Setting up professional-looking accounts, establishing consistent colors, fonts, and designs, and coming up with a customer service plan are great places to start. Learn how Scenda can take care of all that for your business.

Understanding Customer Preferences

Any social media comment, post, or message about your business could be a clue to how you can improve. Using social media to better understand your customers’ preferences can lead to strategic business decisions that make you more $$$.


72% of Americans actively use social media. Marketing your business on the channels that are popular with your audience can lead to sales. Which of course are $$$.


Social media channels can be used by businesses to connect with clients, influencers, potential employees, and others who can help their business succeed. These connections can lead to improved operational performance, which can lead to more $$$.

In our experience, most businesses want to be on social media, but it can be easier said than done when time and money are precious commodities. Scenda is designed to help these businesses.

During our one-month programs, we can launch your business accounts, tell you what to post and when, provide branded post templates, and train you so that, once you finish, you can manage your own accounts efficiently and effectively. We use set processes with a set price, so there’s no surprise strain on resources. If you think this service could help your business tap into the value of social media, let’s chat!

Scenda is a social media agency that uses month-long programs to help businesses set up, brand, and optimize their channels. Along the way, we provide tools, templates, and training so that after finishing the program, businesses can manage accounts on their own. Visit to learn about our services, and follow us on social media.


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