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Scenda helps businesses set up social media, create sustainable content plans, and optimize their channels. 

Along the way, we provide tools, templates, and training so that businesses can manage their accounts independently.

Scenda was established in Boulder, Colorado in 2023. Founder Kristin Tobias seeks to eliminate barriers so that any company, big or small, can drive business results on social media.

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Headshot of Scenda founder Kristin Tobias

Kristin has spearheaded successful social media strategies for financial, publishing, education, manufacturing, and nonprofit brands, including for global companies like Nestlé Purina and College Board. She now uses this expertise as the founder of Scenda, her own social media consulting business.

With more than 50,000 posts worth of experience, Kristin knows how to develop sustainable social strategies that don’t depend on expensive campaigns or viral trends for success. Her approach to social media, which is rooted in content marketing and strategic communications expertise, has proven to consistently increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction, and cultivate community.

The ever-changing social media landscape is Kristin’s perfect playground, as she’s always seeking out new challenges. The most recent? Earning a Master of Science in Communication degree as part of Northwestern University’s Hybrid Leadership Program. During her program, she studied social media research techniques under Nathan Walter, Founder and Co-Director of Northwestern's Center of Media Psychology and Social Influence. Kristin also has an Advertising and Public Relations degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Above all, Kristin prioritizes being a source of positivity for clients, colleagues, and followers. She leads brand communications with creativity, compassion, a sense of humor, and an open mind.

When she’s not down the TikTok algorithm black hole, Kristin enjoys playing soccer, hiking, reading, running, going to music festivals, and traveling to see her friends and family.

“Kristin was a leader, innovator, and collaborator on my team for more than 7 years who drove exponential growth in our audience and engagement levels. She is an expert in digital trends and social media and has done everything from establishing multiple big brands' social presence on emerging channels like TikTok to standing up a creators program to generate creative content at scale.”
Photo of Adele Hazan

Adele Hazan

Creative Marketing Leader, 
Varsity Pickle Co-Founder

Annual reach of over 1 billion


5x more followers than competitors
Quadrupled followers
50,000 pieces of content created
Increased engagements by 788%
Increased TikTok views by 7,213%


Expertise: We work to constantly research the newest developments in social media and provide clients with the most effective strategies.

Trustworthiness: We earn clients’ trust by consistently acting in alignment with our words, and by communicating with clarity, honesty, and transparency.

Accessibility:  We want services to be accessible to business owners who may not have a lot of extra time or money. To achieve this, we are upfront about pricing, which we try to keep as affordable as possible. We plan ahead and are organized and prepared to be respectful of clients’ time. We are transparent and communicative about processes so that clients know what to expect and when.

Open-mindedness: We listen with humility and are open to learning. We are creative and curious, always seeking new ideas.

Inclusivity: We try to create an inclusive environment for clients and anyone we work with. We seek out ways to support groups who are underrepresented and have been historically disadvantaged. We complete diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training at least once every two years.

Positivity: We aim to be personable and friendly in all interactions so that working together is an enjoyable experience. We are community-oriented, supporting clients and other local businesses.

Congruence: We act in alignment with our values and do not shy away from communicating them.

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